About Me

I belong to one of the oldest civilisations, India – a country that gave the world a whole wealth of knowledge, starting right from the revolutionary concept of the Zero. Narrowing down, I am a Bengali, one of the most culturally rich communities of India; a community, native to the Eastern part of India, especially famous for its conquests in academics and arts. In fact, we can proudly state that ours is the community that nurtured most of the Nobel Laureates India has produced. And, it is this rich heritage of ours that inspired me to thirst for intellectual attainment. 

Economics is the love of my life. The fact that it is a social science is what I love the most about it. I love understanding and unearthing the way we, as individuals and as societies, function and interact. And, the study of Economics helps me do, precisely, this. And, of course, I look up to and admire the work of a lot of economists. But, the list is too long to be effectively captured within the limited space here !

Although I am totally in love with Economics, there are also a few other things around which my life revolves too. Music does form a pretty important part of my life and is my truest and constant companion through all the ups and downs of life!!

I love to read and create Literature, a love that I almost inherited from my grandmother, who was a total encyclopaedia of classical Bengali prose. But, I am no poet! So, I've always written prose. As a child, I used to mainly write fiction. But, now, I've turned to mainly writing my research in Economics. And, I do try to make my Economics seem like literature. I really do not understand why research has to be presented in a formal and jargon-like way and not like a fine piece of literature! I mean, research is fun and interesting and requires lots of passion and dedication. And, I feel, the presentation of such an exciting activity should also be exciting and passionate!

I have a lot more to share. I may be contacted at the following address :

Address :  206 / 1, Block - B, Bangur Avenue,
                     Kolkata - 700 055, West Bengal, India.

E-mail :    cdebdatta3@gmail.com

NOTE :      This is my first venture in designing a web page, registering the domain name and actually hosting it, including uploading it to the search engine, all by myself! And, this was really a very fun and exciting learning experience! ( Now I can boast that I also know web page designing! )